For more than 12 years I've been designing the right user experiences for many platforms, unique goals and different users by breaking down visions to a clear and practical roadmap, hands on UX from concept to delivery and leading entire teams to success.


I am the guy you want to lead your operation, whether you want to creatively innovate or quickly add a "0" to the right of the revenue figure.

Yuval Gelbard - Product & Experience Specialist

Areas of Expertise
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Casual Games

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Commercial Products

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Personal Projects

With my help you can...

Clearly define your vision and action plans

Understand users and address real needs

Create your dream experience

Detect problems and optimize

Beat the competition


Go Viral

Business objectives workshop, V2MOM, MAP, values, risk mitigation, prioritization, roadmap

Research, persona, use cases, interviews, data analysis, surveys, focus groups

System architecture, PRD, wireframes, UI design, FTUE, testing protocols, analytics and report design

BI analysis, data driven decision making, funnel optimization, SMART KPIs, AB testing

Competition analysis, innovative solutions, UX reviews, QA

Business plan, In-app purchases, ads, subscriptions, freemium, premium, LTV models, partnerships

Social engagement, media&community mngt., content creation, UGC, PR, blogging

Some Clients and Partners
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Yuval Gelbard, FunkyVibe 2012