Since 2016 my professional focus was on hard core PC gaming experiences and eSports fundamentals:

  • Personally mastering main games for hundreds of hours:

  • Designing eco-system products for gamers, streamers and developers:

  • Working with popular game publishers, industry leaders and pro eSports teams

Gaming is my true passion, and making gaming experiences is what I do for living.

Overwolf (2016-2020)

As a senior PM at Overwolf, I encountered many eSports needs and opportunities - innovative overlay technology, publishers relationships, PC gaming apps, streamers, monetization models, B2B, B2C, advertising, gaming content and more.

I had the privilege to lead dozens of operations, projects and products to success.

The responsibility* varied between complete life cycles (ideation to delivery) to UX reports and consultations, depending on the need.

*Due to privacy and NDAs, specific project details and my exact responsibility remains confidential.

Yuval is a product pro. He brings the unique ability to build a creative, comprehensive solution to a customer need, and to see it through from ideation to commercialization. Yuval has deep UX understanding, and he's one of the best product professionals I worked with"

Uri Marchand, 

CEO at Overwolf

Yuval, Senior PM Interview (Geektime, 2019)

Case Study - Herowatch, PC app for Overwatch (Medium, 2018)

Is eSports a real sport? (Ynet, 2018)

First Time User Experience Best Practices for PC gaming apps (Medium, 2017)

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Facecheck (LoL)

The Need:

Only experienced gamers can understand and benefit from existing LoL apps and sites that mostly present “raw” and undigested tables of stats.

The Solution:

The new generation of LoL apps replacing the stats with a higher level of processed information - conclusions, advice and action items.

Herowatch (Overwatch)

The Opportunity:

Hot game, new heroes, and no apps with stats, team comps and play-style tips.

The Solution:

Creating the first ever app for Overwatch based on my vast experience in gaming apps.

Fortnite Tracker (Fortnite)

The Need:

Making player stats available during the match together with a major industry website of performance tracking.

The Solution:

In-game overlay displaying the same stats players are used to, alongside engaging features (comparing to pros, challenges) and new branding.

Arena Tutor (MTGA)

The Opportunity:

As the new online version of the successful cards game is launched, a new market created. 

The Solution:

A one stop shop for the MTGA player needs - deck tracking, deck statistics, drafting advice and more.

WolfTrainer (LoL)

The Need:

Pro teams need pro tools to excel. A new business vertical.

The Solution:

A cloud based multi channel video recorder for professional matches and practices debriefing, with a freemium version for all gamers.

TeamSpeaks EZ (Lol)

The Need:

LoL has no voice chat, and TeamSpeak is a major industry player to support this need externally. 

The Solution:

TeamSpeak servers based voice chat rooms for LoL players in a single click, for free!

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