As a lecturer, I am not blinded by fancy technology or latest trends, because the foundation of every experience is the same - human emotions.

My job as a mentor is to prepare my students to the industry and its standards, so apart from the classes I teach (see below), I emphasize and demonstrate people skills, communication, feedback exchange and hard work ethic.

The Open University (Israel)

Role (2016-Today):

Head of Video Game Design program


  • Game Design (basic, advanced)

  • UX Design (basic, advanced)

  • eSports Industry workshop, using League of Legends

  • Program's final project workshop

This video was taken during the COVID-19 period, via Zoom

Regardless of his professionalism and expertise, which are both top notch, Yuval manages to greatly inspire and encourage students.

Yuval manages to instill both professional knowledge and proper state of mind for success in the field of game design.

Alon Kfir, 

Research Analyst at Plarium

The Open University (Israel)

eSports Workshop (League of Legends)


6 different view of the eSports industry, learned through learning LoL:

  • The genre (MOBA)

  • The player (user)

  • The champs (game mechanic)

  • Coaching (pro business)

  • Future Riot's universe (creation)

  • The eco-system (non-game products)

Gears of Wards 3 VS Portal 2: What Makes Fun? (2014)

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eSports radio interview (Kan, 2018)

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Role (2014-2016): UX and GD lecturer

As a lecturer Yuval is smart and eloquent, attentive and committed. He puts great deal into building the material, delivers it in an interesting way and creates a great contact with the students. I highly recommend him to teach/lecture on these subjects, and probably many other subjects he deals with."

Benny Feibish, 

Head of the Game Design & Development Program at Mentor

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