Since 2014 I taught hundreds of students what truly matters in my profession - thinking and communication.

As a lecturer, I am not blinded by fancy technology or latest trends, because the foundation of every experience is the same - human emotions.

My job as a mentor is to prepare my students to the industry and its standards, so apart from the classes I teach (see below), I emphasize and demonstrate people skills, communication, feedback exchange and hard work ethic.

The Open University (Israel)

Role (2016-Today):

Head of Video Game Design program


  • Game Design (basic, advanced)

  • UX Design (basic, advanced)

  • eSports Industry workshop, using League of Legends

  • Program's final project

This video was taken during the COVID-19 period, via Zoom

eSports Workshop (League of Legends)


6 different view of the eSports industry, learned through learning LoL:

  • The genre (MOBA)

  • The player (user)

  • The champs (game mechanic)

  • Coaching (pro business)

  • Future Riot's universe (creation)

  • The eco-system (non-game products)

eSports radio interview (Kan, 2018)

Gears of Wards 3 VS Portal 2:

What Makes Fun? (2014)

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Role (2014-2016):

UX and GD lecturer

Yuval Gelbard, FunkyVibe 2012