Personal Projects

A good PM knows a lot about many things. A great PM practices them.

I truly love experiences, both as a person as well as a designer, so exploration and creation are a nature of mine that keeps me open minded to learn anything.

During the years, and in parallel to any paying job, I always create experiences I am personally passionate about - from children books (4!) and 3D modeling to to making hand made chocolates. 

Children's Books


4 children's books, one interactive


Owner, writer, producer


This series of children's books I wrote about what my son and I have learned during his ages of 0 to 4.

The twist - this is a book the parent will enjoy too, because each fold shows both the child's and the parent's point of view of the same situation with humor and honesty.

Get a copy of the 3rd book

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Educational game (4-12 y/o), mobile


Founder, PM, GD, UX


As part of gamifying the experience of kids visiting the dentist with an interior design firm, I was leading the digital experience presented on a dedicated tablet in the waiting room.

The app, wallpapers, dentist chair and even the doors were branded, alongside life-size dolls of the game characters. 

Radio Pitch
יובל גלברד - פינת לדוגמאYuval Gelbard
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Hand made chocolates


Founder, owner, head chef


I love hand crafting, so why not chocolate?

Half way through my professional pastry chef professional training, I fell in love with the details and accuracy that hand made chocolates and petit four represent, and started my very own brand and shop.

Easy recipes (Hebrew) - try it!

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Sharing knowledge is important and fun, so why not also on the radio?

This is a demo of a short session I created as a pitch for a radio show. 

Sting Operation




One man show...


As part of my transition from Aerospace Engineering to Game Design (2010), I learned and used Unreal Engine and ended up with a game of more than 40 minutes(!) original gameplay time.

Download the game (507MB)

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3D Modeling


3D Modeling


As part of my transition to games, I learned by myself many skills - video editing, 3D engines, analytics, level design and more.

Learning 3D modeling was only natural milestone for enriching my games and portfolio.

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